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Game Cheat/Memory Editor/Crack/Hack Tool

Change Game Speed



GameCIH could change game speed!

You will become TOP 1 ranking in any games!

You could modify the game state(score, money, HP, …) to allow for infinite lives, invulnerability, and etc.




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34 Responses to “GameCIH”

  1. wongjinghao says:

    I like it!

  2. drake says:

    is this free????

  3. xologist says:

    Yes, it’s free.

  4. len77 says:

    What do you mean by root users only??

  5. gregor says:

    Mam problem poniewaz w eternity warriors 2 gdy dodalem sobie coins to wszystko bylo okej , ale pozniej gdy probowalem dodac do gems to juz jak wpisywalem liczbe to sie zapisala i przelaczylem tabelke i chcialem wpisac znow liczby dalem zapisz i patrze z pierwszej tabelki sie usunelo prosze cih help me to mail

    • gregor says:

      I have a problem because in eternity warriors 2 when I added the coins that everything was okay, but later when I tried to add the gems are already inscribed as a number of signed up and switched the table and wanted to enter the number again gave save and look from the first table in August removed please CIH help me to mail

  6. SULIK says:

    It writes error root users only. what can i do?

  7. annoyed says:

    wtf is “error root users only” because its pissing me off

  8. danut says:

    HI! i tried this app and it is not working fo me. i have a samsung galaxy s3 with cyanogenmod 10 updated on 07th. the version of the amecih is the newest and my error is this: i open the cih, the i enter the game(subay surffers) i search for my score, i go beack, i buy something, and then i press “-” and it says” nothing found” why? there’s no game working…. i tried the super falling fred too and without success. please help me:(

  9. luffyripper says:

    I use new version of gameCih(v 3.0.0), but thats not work.
    I found the value, then i modify the value and When i saved it, the value not change.
    Can you help me?


  10. howie says:

    Same problem with ups

    Error root uesrs only ? How to fix it

  11. howie says:

    Some body here???? Can help???

  12. weslley says:

    They i got the root acesso for the xt890 (the razr i) but it says acess deny to root please help me

  13. swivelzz says:

    I try gamecih on sch-i800, contract killer,
    it works, but after reboot, i cant use gamecih anymore, it show “please wait” but never work anymore. Please help, mail me –


  14. Brandon says:

    I have a s2 looking to play inotia 4 with some help. I was wondering how come i keep getting root error + how do i continue to use this app?

  15. louisli2006 says:

    does it work in galaxy s3?

  16. Aceeeeel says:

    Why I cant get hidden mode?

  17. Aceeeeel says:

    I make my internet on but still dont get the hidden mode, why?

  18. karyn says:

    ahojte hele poradite mi prosim kdyz si to nainstaluji zapnu to a me to pise pprad error skousela jsem to moc krat ale porad mi to pise error co mam delat pomooooc!!! dekuji

  19. badra Kali says:

    Hii! I have tried gamecih 1&2 on my Samsung galaxy s advance ( GT-I9070 ) but
    It is showing “error root” please help me and fix the problem

    Please please please….

  20. D'Jom@r says:

    I want to ask you a solution to cheat Gamecih can walk again in GT-S5660 Galaxy Gio me before my android version: 2.3.4 kernel version : (ROOT MODE), this application could work, but why when I update my android version to 2.3.6 kernel version : (ROOT MODE) This application was not able to work.. :(


  21. meedo says:

    it isn’t working …. what should i do ?

    no root … what is the root any way ?

  22. dalvid says:

    How do i root my phone????

  23. dalvid says:

    I want free points and zen on zenonia4

  24. kymuel says:

    SEX SEX !!! .now i have ur attention .. . in every phone their an diffirent rooting . . for ex . the way u root your s3 is not the way to root other phone ! use researh . also use ur brain !! xory to those dont have brain . . .note – its hard to root !t!! !!!

  25. alex says:

    ola amigos

    gostaria de saber porque quando coloco os cheats o jogo fecha sozinho faço todo o procedimento dos tutorias aparece tudo 99999 mais quando vou comprar alguma coisa o jogo si fecha me ajudem por favor


  26. mauro says:


  27. gucci pht says:

    how to hack top eleven with gamecih..?

    • Asen says:

      You can’t,because T11’s data is on removable server,but my problem with gamecih is that when I turn it on there’s only please wait… I’ve read that I should change my kelner but I don’t know how…And,yes,my phone is rooted.

  28. اااعهلهعغةتتع6ت6ت7ت says:


  29. cjtcbygv says:


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