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94 comments on “GameCIH

  1. carlos@13. on said:

    No puedo ponerlo

    • felipevalencia on said:

      Hola tengo el GamesCIH pero no puedo lograr que mi iceage del movil samsung Galaxy nexus me cambie las monedas o las bellotas.. que debo hacer?? le meto y le meto numero y nada!!!!

  2. 성규문 on said:

  3. abhinav on said:

    plzzzz !!!! make a hack for swing shot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. carlolozada on said:

    How to. Download this cheat.

  5. I have a problem with this version. I open it and it tells me an mesage with now hiden mode njoy bla bla. And the it say Please wait….. and nothing happen. What’s wrong? Im using xperia x8 rooted obviously! :)

  6. Nice!!!

  7. loserboy on said:

    Plz help me how to get root what that even means plz tell me how to get it

  8. How do i get a root

  9. How do i get a root amd what is it

  10. Chairman on said:

    Search on Google “How to root ”
    You need computer ofcourse

  11. pyscho on said:

    I need help, when i open gamecih it says: “please wait” and nothing happens . It use to work but now it doesn’t. please help me.

  12. Sehr g

  13. habibceylan on said:

    Old version of gamecih was better. It makes error since i download the 3th version. When i run it, it says please wait and never change the screen. I couldnt see hotkey screen. There is a lot of documant at internet but non of them isnt working.

  14. arthurbike on said:

    Ta dando error!!!

  15. Wookjin on said:


  16. fiejam on said:

    how to hack amazing spiderman. please help…

  17. Thanks

  18. juanm96 on said:


  19. Nicolai on said:

    I dont know how to create a root. Help me pleas.

  20. how to download please

  21. It work for me before a week now its write wait and dont make the toolbar!! Help pls!!!!

  22. How to download for gamecih.

  23. How to download root for gamecih

  24. nadmulla on said:

    how do I do its asking me to route I do not know how to route please guide me

  25. Raimondo on said:

    Scusami perche a memi si apre pero poi resta sempre plaese whait i root ce li o mi resta con la scritta please whait e si feema li sai dirmi cose??

  26. Mr.Nemo on said:

    Please wait……

    what do i do?

  27. ktey1024 on said:


  28. Great aplicaation

  29. I got it but it works and it reset the game

  30. haitham on said:


  31. dude where the hell i download the app??

  32. Please hack Stardom 2.5.1 cause I don’t want to void my warranty my tablet is a day old.

  33. Erlin Sasha on said:

    he doesnt work

  34. Костя on said:

    А почему пишет ошибка

  35. daniel on said:

    how to download plz tell me

  36. quero ver se e bom

  37. spartan on said:

    I use gamecih in evry games but it not work. Pls respond me with dimple guide.
    PS:why i can’t open new version 3.0.0à

  38. Hshsdh on said:


  39. plz i have samsung galaxy fit when i opened the program it says please wait and the mobile make a lot of bugs must be reboot to retun plz what can i do

  40. Hey , how can i get root for my phone ?

  41. كيف بنزلوها

  42. Wissam Chaker on said:


  43. what means ROOT NEEDED????

  44. Gamecih rock

  45. khakinkara on said:

    hi thanks

  46. Sachin on said:

    wats dis roootttt m using samsung galaxy note. … Whenver i start dis aap it says error no root…. Wats dis rooot???? Its too much annoying plz help

  47. Manfred on said:

    Hpe can i hack gangstar rio

  48. William on said:

    I sw this app is very fam in the world I lk as well

  49. arturo on said:

    No le entiendo

  50. Sna Aer on said:


  51. kirill on said:

    I can not get in! It is that the entrance is accessible only to users!

  52. muhamad hussain on said:

    How can get root and conis

  53. muhamad hussain on said:

    Zombie laine how can root and conis need

  54. rohit on said:

    bunny on

  55. justHAXORZ on said:

    I hope it works

  56. brian roger on said:

    I need a low version of gamecih for galaxy ace Thanks.

  57. deepak modi on said:

    how i download this

  58. Heang on said:

    My GameCIH2 Error no me!

  59. steam on said:


  60. Dawid on said:

    Yo can someone post a working Gamecih ?? cuz The gamecih tha i download are all lite version and i can only use the speed hack for a coupel seconds. Plllllz Give the Non-Lite version pllllzz

  61. kanda on said:

    How to download root pls. Can u tell me pls.

  62. Mikal on said:

    I liak this o3o

  63. meme on said:


  64. Nitesh Namdev on said:

    My smartphone

  65. Nitesh Namdev on said:

    Are marked

  66. ahmad on said:


  67. Amuah

  68. Perfect ever

  69. Perfect

  70. farah ali on said:


  71. hololshop on said:


  72. ridholevi13 on said:

    how to download?

  73. Micaela on said:

    hola… me lo descargue pero me dice error no root… que hago? tengo una samgung galaxy tab

  74. Hiw can I download this

  75. Ghada El Malek on said:

    Not working in sumsung note 3

  76. waaaaaaaaaw .. damn good ..

  77. sadasdas aetvstbdfgscvdrsacvagvdf

  78. bueno pero no descarga

  79. mazlai on said:

    how to downloud

  80. Wheay

  81. syaddad mudzakkir on said:

    iam have a android game

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