GameKiller , Gamke Killer


This tool only works in rooted devices!!

Main Features:
1. Search game value with precise number.
2. Search game value with vague instructions, e.g. larger or smaller.
3. Lock the game value to a fixed number.

4. Save/Load the managed list.
5. Touch GameKiller sprite to bring up the tool during gaming.

6. HEX edit

7. Dump code

8. More.





Download Here

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69 comments on “GameKiller

  1. Jhonata on said:

    For defender2 you have cheat ?

  2. can you use on galaxy s3?

  3. keviiin on said:

    em um galaxy ace consigu utilizar este ou o game cih????

  4. Smurfs village

  5. i cant download said error

  6. Via whitch program did you downloaded it because give a error code on my mobile phone (note2) errorcode 216 so if you want to react very rnx.

  7. efekan on said:

    Kick the boss 2 games 5555555555money please

  8. I cant download it

  9. Is there any equivalent for iPhone at all? Playing some fun games that could really use this boost

  10. How to download it

  11. rajesh on said:

    Hi.. I’m using touchmate tablet. Is this game killer app work on it. Becouse I m trying but it show error root privilage is needed and it outomatic disapear n apear again n agin on screen… will you plz help me out.

  12. Hakim b. Mohd kamal on said:

    How to this thing??

  13. Omar on said:

    How do you download it hard

  14. christian on said:

    How to download this thing.

  15. pimpinguy on said:

    It doesnt work on nexus!!!

  16. sevag on said:


  17. chhayhy on said:


  18. steven on said:

    Nice gamekiller i like it

  19. faheem pasha on said:

    I cant download it sumsang s2

  20. igo on said:


  21. wasfi on said:

    games killer

  22. deep on said:

    how to root experia j ?

  23. deep on said:


  24. rooster on said:

    When I turn it on it says on it error root priviledge needed and turns on and off lots of times the stops

  25. yahya on said:

    Un ami

  26. Amazing

  27. bdneed on said:

    gibt es codes für head soccer und wenn ja wo findet man die

  28. johnallison on said:


  29. Raden Ganda on said:


  30. lim long xiao on said:


  31. Amora Sawalha on said:


  32. Every time it shows error root privilegd need
    What should I do ?

  33. dimas on said:

    Minta game killer

  34. i want to download gamekiller

  35. Subway surfers

  36. I love my independent o

  37. S.J.Killer_bees@mojang-Jeb@hackandupdate, on said:

    can you tell me how to cheat diamonds or money cause when i tick AUTO IDENTIFY hés searching for almost 10 min. and then it isn’t even done yet i need to tick laggy the button home and then it says Done but still it says found 0 items is it cause i use a tablet or do i need to use 17+ please tell me cause im no in a bad situation of the game the boss is out of screen so i need homing missels but i cant kill him refresh dot helps and reset the game dont work to so please tell me READ THIS IF YOU DONT LIKE TO READ THIS LONG QUESTION REPLY AND I TRY TO MAKE IT SHORTER

  38. malcolm powell on said:

    I got to download it but it ask me for root code and I don’t know it please tell me the root code for galaxy 2

  39. harizaqim on said:

    I have root my device but why this game killer not open immediately (Samsung galaxy tab.0plus)

  40. Zombie cafe

  41. I need hack zombie cafe

  42. Please please …

  43. And I need game killer

  44. ramesh patel on said:

    Muje ye apps ush karna hea keshe karu ye kuch root privileg bata raha he iska matlab kya ho ta he yemuje chalu karna hi he plish koi meri madad kro

  45. ramesh patel on said:

    Ripley fast

  46. hunter on said:

    What is the six gun root number

  47. hunter on said:

    Guys if you won’t game killer just go on Google play it is free no downloads. I still do need the six gun root number if any of you no it thanks any way

  48. root privilege is needed for gamekiler
    for samsung s 7562

  49. TOMMY on said:

    This app is complete garbage. It doesn’t work on even rooted devices, it closes and restarts repeatedly. Go to the Google play store and look up this idiots reviews. He used an auto bot togpad his app rating. It’s very apparent. Keep that crap app in China, imbecile!

  50. nishant on said:

    rooting app nice

  51. max muster on said:

    Game Killer was working on SGS-3 with Android 4.1

    Not working with 4.3 / 4.4 (all rooted)
    Get permanent info, device has to be rooted (but it is).

  52. pizza3791 on said:

    Will it let me download it from my kindle if it will somebody plz tell me how?!?!?!

  53. aizzarbeil on said:

    what is root privillege needed?

  54. raman anand on said:

    i want to know about teenpatti chips how to play teenpatti chips what is the game killer and how can we use in tennpatii game

  55. hendra riatno on said:

    i need for gamekiller for samsung duos

  56. Eli Haffner on said:

    does it work on kindle fire hd?

  57. ravi naagar on said:

    I v rooted my micromax canvas turbo a 250 and i v instld gamekiller but it is not working when i put coins amount in the value potion the coins were same in subway surfer los angeles

  58. saya sangat senang karena saya bisa mengecit subway surf

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