Running FRED

Running FRED

How about we cheat that popular game Running Fred??

I honestly don’t see all the hype about it, I get entertained by it for 5 minutes, then I keep dying and stop playing it lol, but I do have to say I had a fun time cheating it!

Check out what I did in the picture below..

Running Fred

Running FRED


Yup, I got LOTSSSS of money!!

If you want to learn how I did this with step by step steps, click the link below..

Running FRED

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19 Responses to “Running FRED”

  1. 요언유 says:


  2. Yanet says:

    10000,135788,9999 skullies on running Fred

  3. mizhak says:

    thaks for the money thanks all

  4. NicoleF19 says:


  5. ferdinand says:

    sana mag ka cheat na sa runningfred sana………

  6. ferdinand says:

    sana mag ka cheat sa running fred …….

  7. JOSHUA_QOUH_07 says:


  8. charles.velches says:

    pano ung mga cheat dito

  9. irish says:

    pwede po ba cheat on pliss

  10. uca says:

    duit aku banyak

  11. jhon says:

    maganda laroin ang running fred n4

  12. MARLOU P. VILLONES says:


  13. sdsd11 says:

    what this

  14. daniel harris says:

    heck nall

  15. izhhar says:


  16. MaMie says:

    I want to download. Running Fred cheat codes

  17. MaMie says:

    I want to downloads running Fred cheat codes

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